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Commercial Framing

Building frames are the skeleton of a building. Frames can be constructed in many different styles, but they all serve the same function: to support the weight and provide stability for the structure. Commerce City Framing specializes in commercial framing services, which include new construction or retrofitting existing buildings with frame structures. We offer a wide variety of materials..[

Residential Framing

Building residential framing can be a complex process. It requires an understanding of all the parts and pieces that go into each individual frame in order to create a safe product for your clients. The framer is responsible for taking measurements, cutting wood, assembling the framing members according to architectural plans or preset specifications, and installing them on site.

Remodeling Framing

Commerce City Framing offers a wide variety of framing services to suit your needs. Whether you just need something standard or are looking for something more unique, we have the perfect options for you. We offer custom frames, as well as ready-made and pre-finished frames in various shapes and styles. For our experts, it's all about providing quality products at competitive prices so..[

New Construction Framing

It's a common misconception that new construction framing and remodeling framing are the same. New construction is a type of framing where the structure is being built from scratch, while remodeling refers to an existing house with changes made to it. Understanding these differences can help you choose between the two when building your next home or adding on to your current one!